1. Drawing a map for a new story. So enjoyable :)


  2. "I have lived a thousand lives and I’ve loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I read."
    — George R. R. Martin. (via ifreakinlovebooks)

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  3. I love writing prompts. There is no long term commitment to a story and I am under no obligation to reread them.


  4. Writing Prompt #3 

    #3? I think. Anyway, this came from the starting prompt ‘There’s something you should know about’

    “There’s something you should know about Charles.” Mary took a deep breath and looked me directly in the eyes. I could feel tension radiating from her. It seemed to slow down time around us. Sun light illuminated her from behind setting her mousey brown hair alight in golden fire. The shadows on her face set hard angles where she usually seemed so soft. It occurred to me at that moment that Mary was no longer the child I had thought her to be. Just a month away from being presented to the village as a woman, she had matured greatly. Still, her attempt at seriousness seemed slightly comical to me.
    We were standing atop the hill that overlooked the town. The sun was setting and a soft wind brought the smell of a hundred fires to us. Smoke drifted lazily out the top of every chimney of the cottages below. Except for one. Charles’ home had been empty for over a month, drawing stares from the neighbours and whispers from the rumour mongers. I drew my wrap tightly around my shoulders as the air began to bite.
    “What about him?” I asked.
    Without missing a beat she answered, “I killed him.”
    I tired to look surprised.
    “You knew?” She demanded.
    “You’re about as good at keeping secrets as I am at acting.” Unimpressed, Mary marched away to stare out over the town.
    “Who else knows?” Her voice began to constrict around tears and soon she was sobbing.
    Unmoved I took her shoulders and spun her to face me. Shaking, she seemed to fall apart before me. With a little too much enthusiasm, I slapped her.
    “Get a grip.” I told her, “Just Daniel and I know. Gods above, did you believe you had achieved this yourself? Where did you think the body disappeared to, or are you still so naive as to think that the God of Death carries off the body as well as the soul?” I was almost shouting. Tears still ran down Mary’s face, but her sobs had subsided. Once more she looked the child. Softly I asked, “who do you think spread those rumours about Charles owing money to the Razors?”
    “I didn’t realise.”
    “Of course you didn’t.”
    “Nancy I-“
    “Stop. It’s done. Father thinks he fled his debts so of course the whole village does as well.”
    Mary laughed at that, a short, sharp, hysterical kind of laugh. “No better-“
    “Than the sheep he tends,” I finished for her. “Yes, we needn’t worry about anyone finding out. You’re safe. Now can we please go back home, my fingers are starting to go numb.”
    The sun had almost disappeared from the sky and the first touches of winter were close at hand. I linked arms with my sister and we held each other close against the wind as it picked up.
    As we walked down the narrow path back to town, a thought struck Mary.
    “How did Daniel find out?”
    “Charles was a big man,” I shrugged, “I needed help.”
    “I think he might propose, come the summer.” Mary gave me a sidelong look. I felt my face twist into a wry smile.
    “I believe you might be right,” I told her, “theres nothing like covering up your younger sister’s murder to bring two people together.”


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    is that not what the book’s about?

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    Happiness is …

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    Let’s just go …

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    … on an adventure


  10. "Words are, in my most humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it."
    — Albus Dumbledore (via likeyouredimaggio)

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